Yellowstone Outfit and Costume Ideas For Halloween

Yellowstone is one of the best shows to come out of Hollywood in the last decade or so. It is certainly the best Western TV show ever made, period. However, not many people are aware of the style that is on display in the show. Apart from the plot, which is a great one, the show has become a staple of fashion, and rightly so. Thanks to the star-studded lineup of a cast that plays the main characters, the characters feel rich both in their story and their outfits. The Yellowstone Cowboys have successfully brought Western style and clothing into the mainstream. We are here to tell you all about it as well as give you 3 Yellowstone Halloween costume ideas that you can wear for Halloween. So saddle up your horses and get ready to dress as your dream cowboy or cowgirl for this year’s spooky season.

Before we get to Yellowstone Halloween costumes, let’s discuss Halloween itself first.

What is Halloween?

Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated all over the world each year on the 31st of October. It first started as a day in which people remembered and sent prayers to the dead. It included sending blessings to saints, martyrs, and all the good ones that left our world. But lately, pop culture has changed that. People now celebrate Halloween as a day full of activity and fun. It gives people a chance to dress as scary characters or as their favorite superheroes by wearing their costumes. The kids are the ones that reap the most benefit from Halloween. The little ones play the game of trick or treat. They go door to door in their neighbourhood to collect candies. Even the adults join in by cosplaying their favorite characters to attend fancy-themed parties. It is safe to say that the spooky season brings people from all backgrounds together. 

What Role Could Yellowstone Outfits Play on Halloween?

In this section, we will look at why you should wear Yellowstone costumes on Halloween and discuss all the benefits of going with Yellowstone outfits above anything else. First of all, we think Yellowstone outfits are the best costume idea to go for this Halloween. Not only will you look like a true cowboy or cowboy in all its glory, but you will also stand out from the crowd. While everyone will be wearing superhero or villain costumes, you, on the other hand, will be representing American roots at its finest. And as you know, a cowboy never fails to impress; take John Dutton and Rip Wheeler, for example. Both these cowboys have dashing looks that can take anyone’s breath away. So, if you were to take on any one of their looks, then you would be setting yourself up for a very nice and memorable Halloween season. 

Or if you are a girl, then you can dress as a cowboy by going with Beth Dutton’s look. She is, after all, the heart and soul of the show. With goddess looks that can take anyone’s life at any given moment, Beth truly shines the most out of everyone. Her fashion sense is sleek and on point at all times. And if you dressed as Beth Dutton by wearing her costume, then you would be getting the same fashionable perks that Beth had herself. By dressing as a cowgirl of the West, you would steal the entire show at Halloween parties this season with your stylish looks. So, it is safe to say that wearing Yellowstone costumes on Halloween day is a pretty good choice. Forget a Halloween scrub jacket; the role that Yellowstone Jackets can play is worth betting your hard-earned money on.

Now, let’s get back to three Yellowstone Halloween costume ideas that we have in store for you:

Go with John Dutton’s Look 

Before you can complete the look of this Halloween Yellowstone Costumes, you will first need to get the clothing and accessory items for this look. They are listed as follows:

The first idea for the Yellowstone Halloween costume that we have for you is none other than John Dutton’s look. He is, after all, the main man of the Yellowstone TV show, and everyone in the show relies on him when the going gets tough. We, as fans of him, however, rely on him to provide us with the best costume ideas. And each time, he delivers on our expectations by wearing some of the most stylish Yellowstone outfits time and time again in the show. He keeps on wearing great outfits one after another, and it can be a bit hard to choose just one. But despite that, we have picked one of his outfits for you, and it is the one with the quilted jacket on top. This outfit was featured in an episode titled “Under a Blanket of Red,” which is the fifth episode of the fourth season of the show.

John Dutton wore this outfit as he bailed his sweetheart Summer Higgins from jail. And we think this John Dutton quilted jacket can bail you on Halloween this season instead. So, in order to take on this look, you will need to get the quilted jacket first, as it is the clothing item that ties the whole outfit together. Luckily for you, the fashion brand of “YellowstoneJacketco” is offering this jacket to you on their online store. After getting the jacket, you will need to wear a black vest and white shirt underneath it. As for the bottoms, you will need to wear a pair of blue jeans. Another important item of this whole look is the hat of John Dutton, which is also offered to you by YellowstoneJacketco. You can wear a pair of boots like John Dutton’s as your footwear and complete the look of your John Dutton costume.

Bet on Rip Wheeler’s Look

Next up is the outfit of Riph Wheeler, which is among the very best Yellowstone Halloween costumes you can wear this spooky season. In order to complete the look of this Halloween costumes, you will need to get the following items first:

Rip Wheeler is the personification of a cowboy with charming looks and a dashing personality. He is the one that they all love, including Beth dutton herself. And that is all thanks to his style and clothing, which is highlighted through his Yellowstone jackets. We have to commend Johnetta Boone, who is the Yellowstone costume designer, for designing such stylish Yellowstone clothing. She is responsible for making this Halloween jacket costume of Rip Wheeler as well, which he has worn throughout the show. So we suggest you, too, can make the best fashion statements this Halloween season by wearing this costume. You will, however, need to get all the items that are part of his look before you can call it yours. You can get his black jacket and hat from YellowstoneJacketco. After that, you can get his white button black shirt, cowboy blue jeans, boots, and black buckle belt to complete his Yellowstone Halloween costumes.

Redefine Women’s Style With Beth Dutton’s Look

The last Yellowstone Halloween costume idea we have for you is two of Beth Dutton’s looks. You can choose to go with either her pink coat look or her blue hooded coat look. We have listed both options below.

No matter how much we try to praise Beth Dutton’s style, we can never do it justice. We will most likely run out of her words, but her style keeps on giving time and time again. And if you are a girl who likes to watch the Yellowstone TV series, then we suggest you go for Beth Dutton’s look and wear it this Halloween. We have picked out two outfit options for you to choose from. The first one is the blue hooded turquoise coat outfit that Beth Dutton wore in Yellowstone’s third season’s sixth episode titled “All for Nothing.” 

This Halloween coat has the same style as that of a poncho coat. The other outfit is a pink coat in Aztec print, which she wore and stole everyone’s heart away. You can choose and get any one of the outwear from YellowstoneJacketco. After choosing the outwear, you will need to wear Beth’s blue jeans as well as her boots to complete your outfit’s look. And if you have someone special in your life, then you and your partner can dress as a couple of Rip and Beth by wearing the Rip and Beth Halloween costume.


So there you have it, that is for this blog. We hope you got the right Yellowstone Halloween costumes idea from the three costumes we featured in this blog. If you need more Yellowstone outfits, such as the John Dutton leather jacket or other leather jacket Halloween costume, then you can visit our online store. We have more Halloween jackets, such as the Women Halloween jacket and Halloween jacket mens, that you can look into. Our online store also has the Black Coat Halloween that you can wear during this spooky season.

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