Beth Dutton Purse


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Product Description:

  • Material: 100% Original Cow Leather
  • Color: Black
  • Bag size: Large
  • Hand woven to create the basket weave pattern
  • 13″ wide x 13.5″ tall x 4.5″ deep
  • Strap – 1.5″ wide x 14″ long (leather only)
  • Strap drop – approximately 12″ (bag slouches different each time)
  • Closure: Top zipper for added security
  • Pockets: Inside 2 open pockets & one zippered pocket
  • Purse feet protect the bottom corners of the bag
  • Offers: Free International Shipping

Beth Dutton Black Leather Purse

The Yellowstone Beth Dutton Black Leather Studded Handbag symbolizes fierce elegance. It is inspired by the iconic character Beth Dutton from the hit TV series Yellowstone. This handbag is designed for confident and stylish individuals. It is the ideal companion, combining a rustic charm with a modern flair. The handbag’s black leather exterior exudes power and sophistication, just like Beth herself. The studded detailing adds a touch of edginess, reflecting her fearless attitude. Beth Dutton Purse Comes with genuine leather, this handbag is built to withstand the test of time. This handbag has a roomy inside with many pockets to keep your daily items organized. It also comes with a shoulder strap, so you can carry it in different ways to suit your comfort.

40 reviews

40 reviews for Beth Dutton Purse

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  1. Elizabeth

    It’s roomy enough for all my essentials, and the craftsmanship is top-notch. I’m beyond satisfied with my purchase

  2. Mark S.

    This leather purse is a statement piece! I’ve received so many compliments since I started carrying it. The craftsmanship is exceptional, and it’s the perfect size to fit all my essentials

  3. Kevin

    I purchased this bag for my wife and this is a game-changer! It’s spacious, while still looking stylish. The leather is durable and feels luxurious

  4. Sophia

    I would be proud of this handbag! The black leather and studded design exude confidence and elegance. I’m beyond thrilled with my purchase!

  5. Ella

    I’m in love with this handbag! The leather is so soft, and the studs give it a bit of an edge. It’s the perfect combination of practicality and style

  6. Vanessa

    I bought this purse as a gift , The studded accents add flair, and the size is just right. She can’t stop raving about it

  7. Amy

    This handbag brings out my inner Beth Dutton! The attention to detail is impressive, and it’s surprisingly versatile for various outfits

  8. Jason L.

    Yellowstone Jacket Co. nailed it with this handbag! The design is unique, and the leather is soft yet sturdy. It’s worth every penny

  9. Emily

    I’ve been searching for the perfect leather purse, and I found it in this Beth Dutton creation. The studs give it an edgy vibe, and the quality is unmatched. Highly recommended!

  10. Luxurious Quality

    Luxury is redefined with the Beth Dutton bag. This handbag is an authentic example of refinement thanks to the luxurious leather and subtle branding.

  11. Versatile

    The adaptability of the Beth Dutton bag is one of my favorite aspects of it. This purse completely matches my style, whether I’m going to a professional meeting or a social event.

  12. Anna Marlin

    The Beth Dutton bag is the perfect size—it’s neither too big nor too small. It contains all I need without making me feel heavy. Additionally, the change from day to night is seamless.

  13. Clara James

    Even though the Beth Dutton bag is more expensive, it is unquestionably worthwhile. I’ll be using this purse for many years to come because of the quality, which speaks for itself.

  14. Rose

    The distinctive appeal of the Beth Dutton bag is what makes it stand out. It is a must-have for any fashion-conscious person due to the understated design features and atmosphere of genuineness.

  15. Adeline

    The Beth Dutton purse was expertly made, down to the stitching and lining. It stands as a convincing example of the brand’s dedication to providing high-quality goods.

  16. Aaliyah

    It’s simple to match the Beth Dutton bag to my clothes. It complements a variety of hues and styles because to its neutral tones and timeless design.

  17. Layla

    It feels empowered to carry the Beth Dutton purse. It’s more than simply a piece of jewelry; it gives my outfit a dash of fierceness while boosting my self-esteem.

  18. Gemma

    I’ve been complimented a lot when carrying the bag. It draws attention with a subtle grace that isn’t overly dazzling.

  19. Kate Bishup

    This purse serves as a constant reminder of the character’s tenacity. I’m pleased to wear it since it represents strength and is more than just a purse.

  20. Scarlett

    Other bags can’t compare to the elegance that the Beth Dutton bag exudes. It is a great masterpiece due to its subdued branding and opulent appearance.

  21. Harper

    The purse by Beth Dutton is the epitome of chic simplicity. Its simple design and clean lines make it a classic accent to any ensemble.

  22. Georgina

    It is clear that the Beth Dutton handbag is a fine example of craftsmanship. It’s amazing how much care went into every little detail, and it shows how much effort went into each purse.

  23. M .Steven

    I have buy this purse for my wife and she really loves the bag. Best online store in my opinion

  24. Aisha

    I’m delighted I made the purchase of the Beth Dutton purse. Its high-quality construction and gorgeous design guarantee that it won’t just be a fad but a staple in my collection.

  25. Rose

    Between functionality and luxury, the Beth Dutton bag hits the ideal balance. It has enough space to fit my basics and still exudes sophistication.

  26. Chloe

    One of the distinctive qualities of the Beth Dutton bag is its durability. I feel confident that this purse will last a long time because of the strong materials and solid workmanship.

  27. Donna Dees

    Whatever I’m wearing, the Beth Dutton purse takes it to the next level. It completes my look like the last piece of a puzzle.

  28. Luanne Rodriguez

    I’m drawn to the Beth Dutton bag because of its classic appeal. It is not swayed by passing fads; rather, it is proof of timeless style.

  29. Elise

    Everywhere I go, the Beth Dutton purse starts a conversation. It’s a conversation starter that enables me to express how much I adore the character and the purse.

  30. Esmeralda

    The indisputable quality of the Beth Dutton handbag speaks for itself. It demonstrates the brand’s dedication to providing quality in all areas.

  31. Yolanda Deemer

    For the times when I feel like embracing my inner cowgirl. The design is just lovely, and the leather feels so opulent. It’s the perfect synthesis of style and utility.

  32. Gina Weist

    Owning the Beth Dutton Purse is like carrying a piece of the show with me because I love Yellowstone so much. The bag is surprisingly roomy in addition to being fashionable. Any fashionista who enjoys Western culture must have it.

  33. Lillian Rogalski

    I appreciate the Purse’s rustic appeal. It has a distinctive personality thanks to the distressed leather, which is also quite strong. It gives my clothing a little western flair and is ideal for my outdoor trips.

  34. Ruth Lancaster

    This purse would make Beth Dutton happy! It is fashionable, durable, and useful. I adore how comfy it is to carry because to the adjustable strap. I can’t wait to brag about it to my Yellowstone-obsessed pals.

  35. Melissa Hurtado

    For my birthday, I finally received the Purse that I had been wanting for a long. It was better than I expected! I admire the consideration that went into the design of the purse because it feels sturdy. It now goes everywhere with me.

  36. Zoe Mitchell

    As a cowgirl at heart, the Beth Dutton Purse speaks to my soul. The rich leather and sturdy construction make it a durable choice, and the numerous pockets help keep me organized. It’s a Western-inspired gem.

  37. Chloe White

    I’m very happy that I came across the Purse. It gives my ensembles a hint of Western character and is of unmistakable quality. I’m proud to carry it because it’s more than just a purse.

  38. Sheryl Ponder

    I adore my Beth Dutton handbag! The quality is excellent, and the design is lovely. It’s now my go-to piece of jewelry for both formal and informal settings.

  39. Lily P

    This purse is the perfect blend of style and functionality. It’s roomy enough to carry all my essentials and more, and the design is so unique. I’ve never seen anything like it!

  40. Mia D

    I’ve been searching for the ideal purse for months, and the Beth Dutton Purse exceeded my expectations. It’s comfortable, fashionable, and durable. I’m thrilled with my choice!

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